Center for Regeneration and Empowerment of Africa Through Africa (CREATA) is a registered Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) founded in 2006 in Kenya. CREATA, an abbreviation is also a Latin word meaning either the verb “to create” or the noun “creation” referring to all created things. Hence the name connotes not only an integral approach to development but also to the integrity of creation, of which human beings are both stewards and dependants. Our work is rooted in this word, as we are dedicated to providing opportunities for children, young people and marginalized communities to be creative, exploring their potential and finding solutions to their problems. CREATA is a sport, peace and development agency which pursues through sports, the mobilization and utilization of community resources for peace and transformational development. 


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About the Organizers:

Organizers of this Conference is CREATA in partnership with Migori County and Political Leaders, Global Federation of Enterprenours, Acedemy of Import Export, World Schools Sports Club Alliance and India based business companies and orgarnizations such as Rengers Football academy, Dodgers Football Association, Saara International Sports Academy, BRG Group, Sopariwala Enterprice, Sarda School Anand, Royal Fabric Art, Youth Foundation, SPET and others

International Sports for Peace and Trade Conference (ISPT)

International Sports for Peace and Trade Conference (ISPTC) has been organized at an interesting time when the County Governments are taking off as the center of social and economic development in Kenya..

The ISPT conference will take place at Migori town, Kenya on the 27th, 28th Feb and 1st of March 2019. The conference is aimed at profiling Migori County a land of opportunities beaming with culture, sports and untapped natural resources and to launch the Pride Migori Pride Kenya Project – the land of Gold, which hopes to turn Migori into an industrial county. The conference will profile sports as a tool for peace and trade, promote dialogue among clan, religious and ethnic groups and business entrepreneurship among young people and enhance international trade. It will be a campaign intended to promote clan and ethnic dialogue, enhance sports as a right of children and young people and create an enabling environment for business and trade.

The Conference will serve as a platform where sports organizations, business communities, entreprenuers and peace actors from Kenya and abroad will meet and share good practices in sports, business opportunities, community dialogue and shared security as framework for county economic development. It is meant not only to amplify the role of youth and women in business but also provide international business investment opportunity.

The conference will feature inspiring and powerful lessons / examples from young people themselves, the business sectors, the peace actors, the sports fraternity and policy makers, government officials and politicians. There will be speeches from seasoned experts in diverse fields including entrepreneurship as an employment hub for young people, sports as a business venture, community dialogue as a preresiquite for sustainable business, trade and economic development, applied technology and cottage Industries, network weaving, the Golden Rule and policy influencing.

There will be mainstream and social media campaigns to amplify the conference and its role in creating space for sports, peace and trade and open Migori to the global market.

Expected Outcomes?

  • 1. Opening Migori County as a business destination; more investors will appreciate the economic potential of Migori County and investments and job opportunities for the youths

  • 2. Promote clan and ethnic tolerance to pave way for business and economic growth

  • 3. Promote sports as a tool for economic empowerment – more young people will apprecial sports as a professional carreer and business opportunity and healthy living

  • 4. Pride Migori Pride Kenya Project will be launched and International Sports for Peace and Trade network aimed at making Migori a cottage Industrial Hub in the region

  • 5. A documentary will be produced as tool to accompany the participants in spreading the message of sports, peace and trade.

  • 6. A Migori Youth Entreprenuear Award, will be launched during the Conference to recognize exemplary youth efforts in entrepreneurship promoting sports, peace and trade.

  • 7. CREATA Sports, Intrnational Business, Sports, Youth work, and Honour award will be launched.

Who are the Participants?

The 2010 Kenyan constitution ushered in a new leaf of life by creating 47 county governments not only for wealth distribution but also as the centre for economic growth and wealth creation. Given the gains made in the new constitution and as the country emerges from the ashes and the debris of land clashes, electoral violence and past social injustices, long term community development through the devolved system of governance, government plans and strategies of vision 2030 recognises the indispensable role of puplic and private participation from grassroots communities in every form of development. Public participation and economic development cannot be left to the state alone. It is the duty of public and private econonomic sectors in solidarity to support the grassroots communities and especially the youth to emerge from the long history of economic exclusion to reclaim their place in the new constitution, political dispensations and economic development. This includes strengthening the emerging youth entrepreneurship intitives, sports and information technology, women initiatives and initiatives for peace building and reconciliation among communities. Support for reconciliation and business opportunities as well as developing advocacy capacity for youth and women initiatives through sports, is key in enhancing community dialogue and transforming the County governments towards being the centres of economic development and growth.

However, economic growth in faced by mirriads of challenges. Since her independence in 1963, Kenya has experienced magnitudes of violence especially during elections and has remained a divided nation along clan, ethnic and regional lines, suspicious and distrustful of one another. While factors driving these conflicts include ethnic, political and religious intolerance, border conflicts, cattle rustling, political party zoning/balkanization, the underlying causes such as historical injustices, poverty and joblessness among the youth undermine every peace efforts and economic development.

  • Sports organization (from Kenya and abroad)

  • Business Companies (From Kenya and abroad)

  • Relevant County and National Government Ministries and Departments

  • Peace Practitioners (From Kenya and abroad)

  • Political leaders

  • Young People in sports and business

  • Women in sports and business

Meanwhile, sport is increasingly becoming accepted both as a goal in itself and as a means to achieve peace and development ends across the globe. Many countries from both the North and South have raised the profile of sports in society, and various international, national and local organizations are translating this policy into hundreds of projects in the developing world. Sport represents a valuable tool for addressing a range of societal ‘problems’ related to poverty, social exclusion, low educational attainment, juvenile delinquency and even political conflicts. Sports can change lives and communities by providing space for the youth, young women and girls to claim self-worth, develop leadership and management skills and enhance coexistence among conflict prone communities. Value based sports can stimulate good leadership, teamwork, critical thinking and networking and address suppressive cultural practices which have eluded communities for years. Furthermore, sports provide invaluable platform for children and young people to raise their voices on matters that affect their lives. Sports bring communities together and provide the forums through which communities discover and discuss their political, development agenda and destiny.

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